"When we talk about 'political art', we often confuse the aestheticization of politics for the politicization of aesthetics."

     Interview with Steven Cottingham, Public Parking

"Have you been sailing? It’s like that. Sailing consists of long periods of complete and utter boredom, punctuated by moments of sublime terror."

     Interview with Nadim Abbas, Artomity

"Sound and music are dangerous precisely because they are very potent tools of resistance. Music cuts right through the intellect and appeals to the emotions."

     Interview with Samson Young, THE SEEN

"I was reading somewhere today that almost all religious places have a meteorite at their heart."

     Interview with Anish Kapoor, Ocula

"I like intensity piled upon intensity piled upon intensity piled upon endurance piled upon relentlessness."

     Interview with Sean Scully, Ocula

"If I don’t paint, I start to question life. I start to question painting itself."

     Interview with Liu Xiaodong, Ocula

"It’s sort of like someone showing up with a bunch of roses. It’s not really a bad thing, but it’s also not going to be it, is it?"

     Interview with Angela Bulloch, Ocula

"When my friends ask me where I want to go, I say, 'Where there are no human beings.'"

     Interview with Zai Kuning, Ocula

"Of course Singapore is an empire of humidity, which is a kind of water. And also water as a trade, as a circulation of language, bodies and goods."

     Interview with Ho Tzu Nyen, Ocula

"And why does this other world exist: why do we expect a utopia?" 

     Interview with Chow Chun Fai, Artomity

"There is a true rebel inside me, but when I perform that into an action, I'm not a very energetic and aggressive type. I'm a moderate."

     Interview with Kim Yong-Ik, Ocula

"Actually, if I thought things were getting a little too sweet, I’d go towards these nasty ones." 

     Interview with Betty Tompkins, WAAP

"Marvelous not meaning beautiful and pleasant, but extraordinary, strange and excellent." 

     Interview with Ged Quinn, Ocula

"When I’m painting, I’m the first person to witness that the moment depicted is happening. Throughout the process, I’m the only person really reacting to that scenery." 

     Interview with Chris Huen Sin Kan, Artomity

"I don't believe in the death of anything." 

      Interview with Catherine Opie, Ocula