"Take for example the recent influx of hyper-professionalised, international blue-chip galleries that tend to deal in canonical luxury objects at the exclusion of local or lesser-known art." 

     Feature on the opening of BedroomArtomity 

"Is this the history that Hong Kong people want painstakingly and expensively preserved?" 

     Feature on the opening of Tai Kwun, Artomity

"In the paintings, his models lounge, smoke or stare with their bellies and breasts out; they appear post-coitus, bored, reading or asleep—intimate poses that reveal the long exchange between artist and sitter." 

      Profile of Wang Yuping, ArtAsiaPacific

"Before there were Instagram selfies with fanned-out cash, there were oil paintings of prized horses and plump naked women." 

     Profile of Andy Dixon, LEEN Mag

"It also represents an issue that the art world has failed to tackle, how to unravel its exclusivity to be inconclusive of a great portion of society who increasingly feel unheard and unimportant." 

     Report from Paris, Ocula 

"Here begins my permanent break to break easy the waves which slid across my sides and then back behind me out to sea." 

     FictionHWY Mag 

"Otherwise, the binoculars can only be used 
to enhance the view of what is already close. 
The bell on the church (due to age, in disuse), 
the branches of the one shrub in four 
that's so far been pruned
the boys with their motorbikes, leaning against 
the cool, white statue in the centre of town."

     Elmo's House Artist Residency

"He lit up like a used car lot. Like an amusement park. Like a chandelier shop. Like an exit sign. Like an incoming call. Like a homecoming crowd. Like a fifty-year smoker." 

     Fiction, SAD Mag

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