"'It looks like someone being beaten with police batons,' he said."

     Howie Tsui at Burrard Arts Foundation, Artomity

"The mask’s precarious placement atop the pile of earth suggests that when the volcano does erupt, the individual will be the first to burn."

     Lam Wong at Centre A: Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, Artomity

"The canvas teems with the bodies of fish curving among thick, chaotic, layers of black palm fronds, pink petals, green leaves, concentric ripples, butterflies and butter-coloured birds."

     Shen Ling at Tang Contemporary, Artomity

"This dedication to a drawn-out, labor-intensive process and unwillingness to take shortcuts exudes an exacting, nourishing reverence—not for any of Altfest’s male sitters, but for the very act of painting itself."

     Ellen Altfest at White Cube, Artforum

"Accordingly, the grown children of the diaspora often arrive back in present-day Hong Kong with uncertain dual identities; are they Hongkongers, or do they bear the mark of the country their parents landed in?" 

     Christopher K. Ho at De Sarthe, Ocula

"Can artful institutional design have a humanizing impact?" 

     Cao Fei at Tai Kwun, Artforum

"Normalizing, if not romanticizing, deadly weaponry has permeated North American culture since the first colonies appeared here." 

     Bombhead at the Vancouver Art Gallery, Frieze

"The music, crowd and announcers have fallen silent and all that remains is the sonically-magnified sounds of the two fighters’ exerted bodies moving about the ring and their gloves brutally meeting flesh." 

     Paul Pfeiffer at Galerie Perrotin, ArtAsiaPacific

"This is especially true in America, where a residual Cold War mentality and competition for global supremacy has bolstered the Trumpian myth: China as an omnivorous monster rousing from political inconsequence to devour the Earth." 

     One Hand Clapping at the Solomon R. Guggenheim, Momus

"Her identity fluctuates between human and beast; the image questions whether members of our species are just animals dressed up as people—brutish, opportunistic and violent." 

     Jeff Wall at White Cube, ArtAsiaPacific

"Mathematics emerged as an unlikely and absurd language of love." 

     Inga Svala Thorsdottir and Wu Shanzhuan at Hanart TZ, Artforum 

"Among the objects are beans, weapons, sausages, pirate videos, sexual-enhancement drugs, and one dead bird; the work is a motley archive of desire, violence, and restraint." 

     Taryn Simon at Gagosian, Artforum

"For all its significance in the world, lovemaking lasts, on average, just eleven minutes."

     Hyon Gyon at Ben Brown Fine Arts, Ocula

"Wang levels the playing field of desire, realigning man and the man-made, and pointing to the absurdity of our hope that objects could love us back." 

     Wang Du at Tang Contemporary, Artomity

"The affordability of cheap computers and pirated software gave people access to the tools necessary to experiment with film, sound, animation and video; this expanded access to technology resulted in a generation of Indonesian artists with strong IT skills who disseminated their work across their own vast social networks." 

     Tromarama at Edouard Malingue, ArtAsiaPacific

"The work performs a counterproductive politics: bolstering that which it purports to undo."

     Marilyn Minter at Lehmann Maupin, Momus

"There was a time when lawlessness was king and opposing forces lived, plotted, colluded and fought out their differences without the intervention of authorities."

     Howie Tsui at the Vancouver Art Gallery, Artomity